Kiribati catches up Russia!


The Republic of Kiribati together with Russia took the 39th place from 95 in the international rating of Passport Index-2017 based on the number of the countries where owners of this or that passport can arrive without visa.

According to the rating, for a Russian passport holder visa-free entry is opened into 103 states. From them 71 introduced a visa-free regime for citizens of our country, and in 32 the simplified order of execution of visas on arrival works.

Russia in this rating adjoins to Moldova, Turkey and Colombia which share the 38th place. Citizens of these states can come without visas to 104 countries. The Marshall Islands hold the 40th place (102 countries).
Germany became the leader of the rating, 157 countries are opened for her citizens. The second place was divided by Singapore and Sweden (156 countries). On the third place are the passports of Denmark, Finland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Norway, Great Britain and the USA whose citizens are let without visas to 155 states.

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